Catholic Family Faith

According to the National Study of Youth and Religion, parents are the most powerful teachers of faith to their children and teens; more powerful than any bishop or priest or youth minister or religious educator and more lasting than any faith formation program. “Parents are the most influential agents of catechesis for their children.” (National Directory for Catechesis, 234). With this in mind, St. Robert of Newminster Parish will offer a Catholic Family Faith initiative inviting families of all ages to take part in faith learning at home and within the parish community. Families participating in Catholic Family Faith will make a commitment to attend Mass each week, will receive weekly resources for at-home faith formation learning, and will participate in monthly faith community events. Catholic Family Faith resources will focus on the Liturgical Year, highlighting the Sunday Scripture readings and seasonal events. While dates & times are TBD, monthly sessions will likely include:

Advent Caroling Event
Mardi Gras (pre-Lent) Event
Family Stations of the Cross during Lent

Contact: Teri Burns 616.676.9111 (Ext. 115)