Catechist Formation and Certification


The personal faith and ministerial development of catechists is essential for the quality and success of our Church’s mission to “go and make disciples.” Catechists must have a personal relationship with Christ and sufficient knowledge of the Church’s proclamation of the Good News of Christ. It is vital, therefore, that catechists continually reflect on Scripture, engage in prayer, and study the teachings of Christ and the Church.

St Robert of Newminster Church offers catechists a variety of opportunities for on-going formation and development. Throughout the year, catechists are invited to participate in catechetical conferences, formation sessions, and independent study, according to their personal development needs.





  • Catechist Agreement Form
  • Catechist Assistant Agreement Form

Submit completed Agreement Forms to the Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation.



Catechists may elect to be paid for their time. Catechists who receive a wage will be considered employees of the parish, and therefore, will be included in taxation processes. This means that catechists who opt to receive the wage must complete employment and tax forms, accordingly, and will be eligible for FICA and unemployment.

Catechists who have children in faith formation may elect to waive registration fees OR receive a wage per session.

Employment Eligibility Verification Form – Instructions

State of Michigan New Hire Reporting

Federal W-4

State of Michigan W-4

Direct Deposit


Submit completed employment and tax forms to the Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation.

Catechist Certification

“Catechesis is nothing other than the process of transmitting the Gospel, as the Christian community has received it, understands it, celebrates it, lives it, and communicates it in many ways.” (General Directory for Catechesis #105)

The Diocese of Grand Rapids requires that all catechists have at least a basic level of certification. This requirement not only ensures that catechists know and understand the message that they are passing on, but it also invites them to a personal experience of transformation.

The Diocese of Grand Rapids provides guidelines for the formation and certification of catechists.

Echoing the Gospel

Certification Application/Renewal

Levels of Certification

  • Basic Certification
    • Level I = 9-23 hours
    • Level II = 24-39 hours
    • Level III = 40-49 hours
  • Diocesan Certification = 50-79 hours
  • Advanced Certification = minimum 80 hours
  • Master Certification = Advanced Certification plus 18 academic hours


Receiving Credit Toward Certification

After attending a formation session/conference or completing and independent study experience, catechists complete a Catechist’s Learning Page and submit it to the Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation to receive credit toward certification.

Maintaining Certification Records

While the Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation will record catechist formation credits for each catechist, it is suggested that catechists also maintain records of their formation experiences on a Catechist Certification Application/Renewal worksheet.

Dimensions of Catechist Formation

Examples of Opportunities for Catechist Formation

Catechist Formation Opportunities


St Robert of Newminster Church complies with the requirements of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Diocese of Grand Rapids Policy on Sexual Abuse for Minors. Under the requirements of the program, all employees and volunteers of the parish who have regular contact with children or young people must undergo a criminal history background check and attend one Protecting God’s Children abuse awareness session.

To register for a Protecting God’s Children session or see a list of upcoming sessions, visit


Reporting Sexual Abuse of Minors