Education and Faith Formation

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The goal of catechesis, i.e., religious education and faith formation, is “to bring about in the believer an ever more mature faith in Jesus Christ, a deeper knowledge and love of his person and message, and a firm commitment to follow him.” (NDC 1.19A) Therefore, the focus of the Faith Formation ministry is to nurture life-long faith development and Christian discipleship. We provide learning and formation opportunities to engage adults in all stages of faith development and children of all ages in learning more about Christ Jesus and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we work to help parishioners of all ages to actively live their faith in all their daily activities.


The passing on of our Catholic heritage depends on the witness of adults in living their faith and continuing their own learning and faith development. The quality of religious education and faith formation for children and youth is directly related to an adult community that is well-formed in the Catholic faith. Thus, our primary focus is on adult faith formation. Many adults long for a deeper personal experience of God and involvement in a community of faith. We provide opportunities for learning, spirituality, Bible study, prayer, and participation in service opportunities to satisfy their spiritual hunger and to talk about the importance of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Under the umbrella of adult faith formation, the formation of catechists and catechetical assistants is a priority. Their personal faith and ministerial development is vital for the quality and success of our church’s mission to “go and make disciples.”

As we grow in relationship with God and knowledge of and in love with Jesus Christ, we ask for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to guide and nurture the faith development and discipleship of the community of St Robert of Newminster Church.