Catholic Family Faith

Children learn the traditions and movements of the Catholic faith primarily from their parents. “Parents are the most influential agents of catechesis for their children.” (National Directory for Catechesis, 234). St. Robert of Newminster Parish is committed to encouraging and supporting our families to know how to express and live their faith in every moment of their lives and to put God at the center of their homes.

Contact: Teri Burns, Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation, 616-676-9111 ext 115


St Robert of Newminster Parish is committed to creating Strong Catholic Families. Through faith formation, sacrament preparation, and parish life, we partner with parents to develop and empower the next generation of disciples to live their Catholic faith more effectively. The Strong Catholic Families process invites families to complete a Family Faith Inventory, develop a Family Faith Plan, and commit to an on-going dialogue between parents and parish partners to develop and offer resources and opportunities for parents to strengthen their families’ faith and life. Click here for more information on Strong Catholic Families.


FIRE: Household Gatherings to Fan the Flame of Faith

FIRE is for households of all kinds: families with children, married couples, empty-nesters, seniors. The process consists of individual household activities, parish seasonal events, and group in-home gatherings (optional).

FIRE households receive learning resources to engage members of all ages in learning about topics through play & discovery and to share in practices of the Catholic faith through Scripture & prayer.

FIRE groups (optional) are made up of 3-4 households, which may be self-selected or assigned according to ages and interests of household members. FIRE groups decide on meeting schedules that fit participants’ needs. They meet in their own homes – the “Domestic Church.”

FIRE households are invited to participate in 3-4 on-site parish events, including an Advent gathering and a Lent Retreat.

This is a wonderful option for families who have a difficult time participating in weekly faith formation. It also provides families with the opportunity to meet and share faith with other households. If you would like to enroll your household in FIRE or if you have questions about FIRE, contact Teri Burns, 616-676-9111 ext 115.



An opportunity for families to eat together on a busy church night (faith formation, children’s choir, and adult formation activities.) Dinners will be offered once per month on Mondays, 6-7 p.m. Adults & families are needed to prepare the food (provided by the parish), set up, serve, and clean up.

Family Dinner dates are listed in the bulletin.

For more information, contact Teri Burns, ext. 115.



SRN Grandparent Camp is an opportunity for grandparents to share their faith and create memories with their grandchildren (ages 8-12). Offered in late June, this three-day learning engages participants in breakfast, prayer, games, and crafts.

Contact:  Jolana Peard