Haiti Twin Parish

Haiti Outreach—Who We Are, What We Do

St. Robert’s maintains a Twinning relationship with Our Lady’s Nativity parish in Verrettes, Haiti, where we assist in maintaining the church and surrounding chapels, funding students and school lunches, and paying teacher salaries.  We also have a Trade School there, and assist with other projects as suggested by the pastor, Father Murat.

Additionally, representatives from St. Robert’s visit Verrettes every year or two. Likewise, Father Murat visits St. Roberts every year or two and addresses the parishioners at St. Roberts on life at his parish.  The main purposes of the visits are to:

  1. build and enhance personal relationships between the members of our respective parishes
  2. witness how the projects we sponsor are progressing so we can report back to St. Robert’s parishioners
  3. understand the needs and priorities of Our Lady’s Nativity parish and the needs of the schools and students that we sponsor
  4. generate ideas that will help direct our committee’s focus going forward with the twinning program

St. Robert’s also has a tuition sponsorship program where we help fund the education of about 300 students who otherwise would not be able to attend school.  If you would like to sponsor a Haitian student’s education, sponsorship for the school year is $200 for an elementary student and $400 for a secondary student. This is a great investment in a child’s life.  Please consider sponsoring a student!

The Haiti Committee meets in the Parish Life Center every few months.

Contacts:     Chris Kapral        616-915-2941   Email: chris.kapral@perrigo.com

Tom McDonald    616-257-4005   Email: tmcdonald@mkassoc.com


These two videos show images from the 2014 Mission Trip:  The first is about going to the market; the second depicts Corpus Christi as celebrated in Haiti – we will never be the same!