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Is Music Ministry For You?


Is the music ministry for you?
Our music ministry welcomes all members of the community who wish to share their musical talents. Children, high school students, adults, trained and untrained vocalists, and experienced instrumentalists are invited to join.
Don’t they already have all the members they need?
Not at all! Our music ministry needs you! Without volunteer ministers from this parish, our music ministry would not be possible.
What if I don’t read music or have any formal training?
Most of our choirs do not have professional musical training. This is attained through ongoing training under their director and experience.
I would love to sing in the choir but due to time restraints cannot commit the whole year. Are there opportunities to sing at Christmas and Easter? 
Yes! It will be announced in the bulletin when extra practices are scheduled (usually on Saturday mornings) and all are welcome to learn seasonal music and participate in this capacity.
How do I get started?
Contact  Lori Martin, our music director, to get more information or to sign up. or 676-9111 x120


Group Descriptions

Director of Liturgical Music: Lori Martin

616.676.9111 (Ext. 120)


Teen Mass:  (contact Lori Martin)

Music Ministry opportunities are listed below.  Schedules are posted for each group on the parish website for easy access.  

Adult Chamber Choir (High School and up)

The Saint Robert of Newminster Chamber Choir is dedicated to celebrating the choral art as a living vibrant tradition in the Roman Catholic Church.  Our membership consists of men and women from various musical backgrounds and a wide variety of professions.  You do not need to read music, just love singing and be able to carry a tune.  We meet every Wednesday evening for rehearsals and sing once a week at a Sunday morning Mass.

Resurrection Choir This choir sings at funerals and memorial Masses.  If you are flexible with time during the day, or are available for possible Saturday funerals and would like to join this very important ministry, please consider joining us.  We meet  45-60 minutes prior to a funeral.  This is a great way to get involved if you are unable to make a weekly commitment in one of the other groups.

Octo Cantores (8 part A capella choir)

The Octo Cantores choir was established in 2018 as a way to bring 8 vocalists together, challenging them to sing 8 part harmony with no accompaniment.   This ensemble meets weekly and sings on weekends when they are all available.  They explore many composers from the Renaissance to Contemporary from writers like Biebl, Knapp, Croce, Palistrina and many others.  

Teen Mass  (Grades 8 – College)

This group leads all the music at the 6:00 pm Mass every Sunday and other special events during the year.  Vocalists and instrumentalists are invited to join us and experience singing, playing, and cantoring, together as an ensemble.  This group meets at 5:00 pm on Sundays before the 6:00 pm Mass.  Come whenever you can join us!

St. Cecilia Choir (Grades *3 – 8th)

This choir provides a nurturing environment for young singers to realize their gifts both individually and as a group.  Children learn music theory, vocal techniques, and many styles of music.  They also get the opportunity to cantor, announce songs and lead the congregation in song.  They meet once a week and sing once a month at select Masses including Christmas Eve and Palm Sunday.

*2nd graders that are good readers can join this choir per director’s discretion. 

Joyful Noise (Kindergarten – Grade 2)

The Joyful Noise choir provides a creative environment for children to experience their faith through song and movement and to share it with our parish community.   They sing with the St. Cecilia choir on select Sundays once a month throughout the school year including Christmas Eve and Palm Sunday.  Children learn basic music theory, vocal techniques and many songs.  Song sheets go home with students to practice.  We meet once a week.

Newminster Ringers (8th grade and up)

This is a unique and fun ensemble that uses five octaves of chimes and handbells.  This ensemble is for music readers who want to explore making music as a group and love to build on new repertoire as musicians.  They meet once a week and play at select Masses including Christmas and Easter.

Chime Choir (4th grade through 8th)

No experience necessary.  Students learn basic note reading/rhythm skills and have fun playing songs and accompanying the Children’s Choirs.  The Chime Choir meets once a week and plays at select Masses along with the Children’s Choirs.

Cantors – Leaders of Song/Psalmists

This is a ministry for those with strong singing voices and an ability to lead the congregation in song.  It is an important leadership role in the liturgy.  Anyone interested in the cantor program should contact Lori Martin.

Instrumentalists (HS-Adult)

If you play an instrument, you are encouraged to join us.  Please contact Lori Martin to see which group you should join.  Percussionists, guitarists, bass players, strings, brass and woodwinds are all encouraged to play.  A variety of different instruments can add a whole new dimension to the music life of a parish.

VBS Choir Participants

Character building, creativity and team work are built through the production of musical skits and leading VBS in their songs from stage.  Skills and themes are interwoven to create a week of fun as well as growth!  Please register through VBS.  Space is limited to 12 students.

Internship in Church Music (HS-College)

This program is designed for the high school or college age students who are advanced in keyboard, guitar, or voice study and have an interest in the vocation of music ministry. Contact Lori Martin for more information.