3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Mass – January 24, 11 AM:  Music file is HERE if you wish to print it.

The music will be displayed on the screen during the stream of the Mass!

Our YouTube Channel is linked here: StRobertAdaSRN   Previous Masses are recorded and you can watch them on our channel!

With no hymnals or pew sheets in church: 

Music at your fingertips:  We implemented using smart phones to download music and the church bulletin for the upcoming weekend Mass.

Text the word  Roberts   to  616-200-6070.    You can also call this number 616-200-6070 and select 1 for St. Roberts if you do not want to text.   Either way you will get a text with our music and our bulletin for this weekend delivered to your phone.  You can keep the music on your phone and not close out until after Mass since it is a pdf file.  To make music appear larger, turn your phone horizontally  while viewing/singing.

Since we will not have Mass sheets or hymnals for the foreseeable future,  this will come in handy to participate!

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Martin at