Super Heroes Retreat

“Everyone needs a hero in their lives. The reality of being a Catholic is that we are called daily not only to look for those who are heroes around us, but to look for the ways in which we ca be heroes for those in our lives. Not every hero wears a cape or a mask or even has super powers. In fact, real heroes are those who stand up and stand out through the ordinary through their actions and the way in which they live their lives. This retreat helps to look at what it really takes to be a hero and how we respond to this in our lives”.

March 21-22 at the Franciscan Life Process Center. Join us for a weekend retreat as we look at Super Heroes and  how they can be examples of our faith.  We will also have opportunities for small group discussion, confession and adoration, prayer with the Franciscan Sisters and much more.  Look for sign-up sheets and more information at SLICE.